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KAIMASS Software For Your Business Has Been Launched

Brooklyn, New York – A locally owned software company announced today that it will be launching a new software platform that will increase business productivity and customer satisfaction on July , 2016.

The new Business Software Platform, called KAIMASS, is a high performance software targeting factories and assembly lines and is expected to ease up operations and increase production for said businesses/enterprises.

Major enhancements include a very user-friendly GUI with quick access toolbars, 3D mock-ups , improved features on both the customer facing and administrative side. In addition, special modules for some specialized functions will be released depending on customer requirements.

“We are very excited to launch this new software platform to the general public!” Manny Eitani, Chief Technical Officer said.  “We know that this will be THE product when it comes to business management, factory assemblies and more.  Aside from the fact that a lot of technical expertise  went into the development of this product, I know that KAIMASS will the the software to beat when the time comes

3w officials expect KAIMASS to improve business confidence and widen customer base. In addition to software development, 3w will also concentrate on web development, hosting, cloud storage, VOIP services and other industry standards that will provide an excellent alternative to customers seeking better alternatives.

For more information, please visit our website at and Or you can give us a call at (718) 725-8828.


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