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Is there a Future for Factory Management Systems?

We have seen a lot of articles dealing with the future of this and that, especially with software, operating systems and the like. Which made us think of this particular question and the possible answers for it: Is there a future for Factory Management Systems?

The answer is yes. Yes, there is! And we at KAIMASS are part of that future. Let me elaborate a little bit.

Factory Management Software or FMS is a function-based built packaged software, designed for certain business enterprises, which requires no customization and is usually deployed in less than a few weeks per factory. This guarantees a higher measure of success, shorter time to benefits and the adaptability needed to support growth and change.

Ideally, to reduce cost per case, labor utilization and intensify your factory performance. FMS systems makes workplace action inevitable; which means enhanced capacity, higher ratio of product assembly and better output. With a coordinated implementation, our solution delivers improvements at a dramatic pace

Software like that is ideal but there’s a lot of factors to consider like the economy, business status, and the cost. If the software is not too expensive, and yet can produce results, then a lot of happy customers/business owners could afford to have it. Otherwise, they will stick on what they have.

Enter our own FMS, KAIMASS or Key Assistance in Manufacturing Automation System Solution is a brand new revolutionary tool is a high performance software platform geared towards your assembly issues problems or factory issues. Major enhancements include a very user-friendly GUI with quick access toolbars, 3D mock-ups, improved features on both the customer facing and administrative side. In addition, special modules for some specialized functions will be released depending on customer requirements. And best of all, it doesn’t cost as much as the other Factory Management Systems out there.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Give us a call, we can arrange for a demo and show statistics why we are the future of FMS.

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