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“Made In the USA” Is “In” Again

The emergence of the need of “Made In USA” is more evident as of late. “Made in the USA” was seen with important standing around the mid-1990s when the FTC modified the brand requisites, originally stated in 1938, and then with more rigorous “Made In USA” rules amended in 1996. The strictness of the amendments plus rising costs of operations made businesses look of cheaper, most effective places to do business, especially in manufacturing and the like. But now the trend is reversed and businesses are moving back home.

American manufacturing in some areas is on the rise again thanks to increasing Chinese wages and crowdfunding fueled new production startups. Although there were some weak manufacturing data out just as recent as 2013, the need for good old American made goods seems to be growing. At least that is the case when it comes to products with the “Made in America” or “Made in USA” tags and this is particularly true in the clothing industry. Indeed, many consumers like the quality perception boost associated with brand names serving as certificates that these goods were in fact made in America. Oddly enough, American made items are also growing in popularity because production costs are declining while Chinese labor is actually seeing wage increases and surprisingly in some cases U.S. shop owners couldn’t afford to go with the Chinese manufactured options.

And because of this, more companies are moving their services and factory operations back to the United States. A certain heavy lifting vehicle company moved operations from China to Mexico and the US. A famous computer brand moved its customer and technical support from India to the US. A popular toy manufacturer moved manufacturing from outsourcing in China to the US. They all said, ‘by moving production closer to the US retailers, we can react faster to fickle shifts in demands and deliver what is needed faster’. It also has greater control over quality and materials, which is crucial to product safety.

The common element of this movement back home is quality. When you have deficiency of activity or quality control of your suppliers, partners or the supply chain, you will end up with low-level products while suffering from unreliability and safety issues. There needs to be a consistent process, a harmonious approach to safety and risk based management of issues, suppliers, standards and collaboration. Superior quality is often advertised as a competitive advantage. Just Check out the brand commercials / ads on TV and you’ll see what we mean.

The movement of business back here will invigorate the competing software markets that deal with assembly line, factories, product manufacturing etc. This will be a vigorous opportunity for us here in KAIMASS to shine. KAIMASS or Key Assistance in Manufacturing Automation System Solution is a brand new revolutionary tool that will assists you and your factory-based business towards a more efficient way to address your current business issues. Aside from our quality of service, we can dwell on one thing. KAIMASS is purely American made. And being American made, we aim to assist other American businesses streamline their pain points and remove obstacles along the way of Superior Quality and Design.

Why don’t you contact us so that we can show you that KAIMASS can help you reach your business goals right here at home!

KAIMASS, Your Total Factory Solution Software.

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